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Resilient & scalable Internet connection—Easynet’s EtherStream™ provides you with a high-quality alternative to traditional leased lines.

Offering bandwidths between 2Mbps and 60Mbps, EtherStream™ is a scalable Ethernet service with dedicated connectivity and guaranteed service levels at a fraction of the cost of a legacy Leased Line service.

EtherStream™ services are monitored to ensure a backbone Internet connection on a 99.9% basis, 24 hours a day. Each service operates over 8 separate circuits, so if one or more circuits fail there isn’t a failure of the entire service. Through Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), Easynet Connect has full control over the end-to-end connection from the customer’s premises to the Internet peering point. This enables Easynet Connect to fully manage the availability of its IP services and deliver unrivalled service level cover.

For further reassurance, our service also offers EtherStream™ customers a 9 hour target respond-and-repair time, line protection with an optional DSL backup service provided over a diversely routed network (where available) and free SMS notifications (available upon request) in the unlikely event your connection suffers from a network outage.

Technical Specification

Easynet Connect's premier Internet access product delivering resilient, uncontended (1:1 ratio) bandwidth from 2Mbps to 60Mbps, easily scalable, with 24x7 support and 99.9% service availability.

  • Purple bullet  A fraction of the cost of a legacy leased line
    Purple bullet  30 day installation pledge
    Purple bullet  Download speed - 2Mbps up to 60Mbps
    Purple bullet  Upload speed - 2Mbps up to 40Mbps
    Purple bullet  1:1 contention
    Purple bullet  World-class reliability - 99.9% uptime assurance
    Purple bullet  24x7 network monitoring and customer support
    Purple bullet  Free SMS notifications of network outage, available on request
    Purple bullet  Free bandwidth statistics available
    Purple bullet  95% first time fix
    Purple bullet  DSL back-up options
    Purple bullet  Direct interconnection to leading SIP Trunk provider
    Purple bullet  Quality of Service option to prioritise SIP voice traffic

  • Feature Description
    Download Speed Download Speed 2Mbps - 60Mbps
    Upload Speed 2Mbps - 40Mbps
    Contention Ratio 1:1
    Circuit Length Up to 4.5km EtherStream™ speeds above 20Mbps require a proximity of <1km to the local Easynet Connect exchange, in order to ensure the full stated speed.
    Service Level
    • 24x7 network monitoring and customer support
    • 99.9% guaranteed availability
    • Total Care service: 9 hour target respond-and-repair time
    • Free SMS notification of network outage, available on request
    • Free bandwidth statistics available online at any time
    Average Installation Time Guaranteed within 30 working days in an EtherStream™ enabled area. (Longer lead times apply if area is not enabled.)
    Min Contract Term 12 or 18 months dependant on product type chosen
    Router Type Cisco 1921/2911 or Actelis ML628 with a choice between Cisco or OneAccess One20
    Back-up options ADSL 2Mb or 8Mb; SDSL 1Mb or 2Mb
    Number Of IP Addresses Unlimited
    Domains 1
    DNS Yes
    SMTP Relay Yes
  • What is EtherStream™?

    EtherStream™ offers leased line performance for a fraction of the cost. A leased line is a dedicated bandwidth service delivered over a leased fibre connection... the disadvantage of leased lines is the higher cost because of the requirement to install a fibre-optic connection direct to the customer’s premises. With speeds of up to 60MB of guaranteed bandwidth, built-in resilience and performance backed by SLAs, EtherStream™ is a great alternative for businesses on a limited budget. Leased Lines, however, remain a good option for customers who are located far away from their local exchange, or who have requirements for very high bandwidth (over 60Mb).

    How does EtherStream™ actually work?

    EtherStream™ is a high-bandwidth Internet access service that operates over multiple bonded lines. EtherStream™ is an EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) Layer-2 Ethernet service that bonds either 2, 4, 6 or 8 lines using EFM equipment installed in our exchanges. The advantage of these innovative services is that they use existing copper local loop infrastructure, and they are highly resilient because of the multiple lines used.  Utilising the copper local loop is a much more cost-effective option than fibre with very little difference in service accessibility.